National Digital Library of India?


If you facing difficulties in reading because of not having quality study material, notes, books for your study. If you study offline, then NLD(India) can be helpful in your studies, exam, and research work. Do you know about The NLD(India) or have you heard somewhere about it? If you do not know what is a National Digital Library? , How to use a digital library? , Where is the digital library available in India? In this article, we are providing some useful information about the National Digital Library of India that will be helpful in your studies, So read this article. If you think this information is useful, then share it with your friends.

Digital Library Ebook

What is the Library?

The library is a place to keep study material, usually can be seen in library school, colleges where the student-teacher or any person interested in the study they can study the study materials available in that library.

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What are the types of digital library?

Libraries can be of two types, such libraries, which do not require any fee for study, all services are free.
Libraries where you have to pay something when using the library.

How many documents are accessible in National Digital Library of India?

national digital library program offers all the digital content information and documents available in the form of digitized collections,questions papers,online collections of research-related doucument,important enduser evaluation,sound recordings data sets,final examination preparatory,pilot project output summary,learning resource type,american memory collections,american memory fellows program,educational outreach widely used indian languages

What is a digital library?

All kinds of information related educational materials to studies in a digital library, this information is in a digital form study related videos, online textbooks, popular books, research-related information online .search facility is available you can search your topic it will suggest u important documents from online collections of books.
What are the features of National Digital Library of India?

Courses available in the library of India (NDLI) are as follows:-

1. Study material related to school education
2. Courses related to engineering education
3. Science-related books
4. Books related to anthropology study material
5. Study Material related to Literature
6. Related to management
7. Courses Study Material related to LA
8. Medical-related study material
9.Electronics and information technology books
10.communication technology nmeict 
11.Question papers

National Digital Library In (NDLI) India?

National Digital Library is launched by the  Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India that is related to the National Education Mission of the Government of India (ministry of education), so that anyone who needs the necessary information regard to their studies all the data sets available free they can use digital portal National digital library of India easily available on IIT Kharagpur(Indian Institute) portal for study at one place.

National Digital Library is free or paid?

Yes, National Digital Library is free, there is no need to pay any kind charge for it.
National Digital library available in which languages ​​?
The study material is available in the National digital library in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangle, and 6 other languages.

How do I join national digital library?

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How to get a  library book?

Registration is required to get a  library book. You can register for free without any charges, after the successful registration, you can get the e-library book.
What is the benefit of getting a digital library book?
There is no dearth of resources after you get a digital library book. You can study anytime anywhere when you want.

Where is National Digital Library?

The National Digital Library of India ndli located in West Bengal of India is managed by IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Kharagpur. You can download the National Digital Library India application from the Play Store.

Who can learn through National Digital Library of India?

The national digital library program offers free primary sources of learning resource through ndli all the digital library users may be school teachers,students can learn through National Digital Library of India in the available indian languages .

What is the URL of National Digital Library of India?

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