UGC Gazette Notification: Changes in Ph.D. Qualification Requirement for Assistant Professor Appointment

In a significant development in the field of higher education in India, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a Gazette notification announcing changes in the qualification requirements for the appointment of Assistant Professors. Effective from 1st July 2023, possessing a Ph.D. degree will be optional for candidates aspiring to become Assistant Professors. However, the notification also emphasizes the importance of qualifying the National Eligibility Test (NET), State Eligibility Test (SET), or State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) as the minimum criteria for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Professor across all higher education institutions. This move by the UGC aims to provide more flexibility and opportunities for aspiring educators while maintaining the quality of education.

Ph.D. Qualification Becomes Optional


The UGC’s decision to make a Ph.D. degree optional for Assistant Professor appointments marks a departure from the existing norms that required candidates to hold a doctoral degree to be eligible for the position. Previously, a Ph.D. was considered an essential qualification, often seen as a mark of expertise and research competence in a particular subject area. However, the new notification recognizes that expertise can be demonstrated through means other than a Ph.D., and candidates possessing exceptional knowledge, teaching abilities, and relevant experience should not be restricted solely based on the absence of a doctoral degree.


Importance of NET/SET/SLET


While the UGC has relaxed the Ph.D. requirement, the notification reiterates the significance of clearing the National Eligibility Test (NET) or its equivalent State Eligibility Test (SET)/State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Professor. These standardized tests evaluate a candidate’s knowledge and aptitude in their chosen field of study and ensure a minimum level of proficiency. By maintaining this requirement, the UGC intends to uphold the quality and competence of faculty members in higher education institutions.


Flexibility and Diverse Expertise


The decision to make a Ph.D. optional brings more flexibility to the recruitment process and enables individuals with exceptional knowledge, skills, and teaching abilities to pursue a career in academia. This move acknowledges that academic expertise can be acquired through diverse means, including professional experience, industry exposure, research publications, and other forms of scholarly contributions. It encourages individuals with substantial practical experience and domain knowledge to apply for Assistant Professor positions, thus diversifying the talent pool in higher education institutions.


Enhancing Access and Opportunities


The UGC’s Gazette notification aligns with its broader objective of enhancing access and opportunities in higher education. By making a Ph.D. optional, the UGC aims to attract a wider range of candidates, especially those with non-traditional academic backgrounds, who may have valuable practical insights to offer to students. This inclusivity allows institutions to tap into the expertise of professionals from various fields, fostering interdisciplinary learning and preparing students for real-world challenges.


Ensuring Quality Education


While the relaxation of the Ph.D. requirement opens doors for a more diverse range of candidates, the continued emphasis on qualifying the NET/SET/SLET ensures that the quality of education remains uncompromised. These standardized tests play a crucial role in assessing a candidate’s subject knowledge, teaching aptitude, and research abilities. By maintaining this prerequisite, the UGC ensures that Assistant Professors possess the necessary skills and competencies to effectively deliver quality education and engage students in a meaningful academic discourse.




The UGC’s Gazette notification regarding the qualification requirements for the appointment of Assistant Professors reflects a progressive shift in the approach to recruitment in higher education institutions. By making a Ph.D. optional and prioritizing the importance of clearing the NET/SET/SLET, the UGC strikes a balance between academic

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